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Covid 19 Procedures

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. It has changed how we work, shop, exercise, eat, and find social connections. As new information is learned about this “novel” coronavirus, we shift and adapt to try to stay safe. It will also change how my practice operates. I understand it has been a challenging time for our community and want to provide you with an overview of my new office safety protocols, along with helpful tips for your personal heath and safety as I continue to take the recommended precautions.

Balance Point Acupuncture will not be treating any known, or suspected, cases of Covid-19 in the office. If you are sick, contact me and we can set up a telehealth  or phone consultation to discuss the use of herbal medicine to help manage your symptoms. If you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the past 14 days, I will not be able to accept you as a patient (in person) at this time.
The following are my new procedures and guidelines required for opening according to the Maine CDC.

-When you arrive at the office, please wait in your car and text or call my cell phone. -I will let you know when I am available for you to come in. Please read these safety guidelines prior to scheduling:
-Please wear a face mask into the office. Cloth masks are fine. I will be wearing a surgical mask. I have masks available if you need one.
-You will be escorted to the treatment room directly. (No waiting in the waiting room.)
-There will be hand sanitizer available to you in my office.
-If necessary the restroom is available for you to use.

-Follow up appointments can be scheduled prior to leaving the office. You may also email me at andrea@balancepoint-acupuncture or text or call to set up your next appointment.
-Patients are spaced out every 30 minutes.
-As always, linens are changed for every patient. Tables are wiped down between
-High touch surfaces- door handles, light switches, flat surfaces, etc will be sanitized
between patients.
What I need from you:
Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. Should you need to bring a child, please give me a call.
Please DO NOT come to your appointment if you have, or have had, any cold or flu
symptoms in the past 14 days, have traveled recently, or have any of the symptoms
that are associated with Covid-19.(ie. fever, cough, loss of smell or difficulty
breathing) This applies if you have a household member with any symptoms. We
know that there are many silent carriers, but our goal is to minimize any exposure of known causes. Instead, call me to reschedule or to discuss other options. 

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Covid 19 Procedures - Balance Point Acupuncture in Falmouth, Maine